Criminal Investigation Division, Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office

“We all are totally pleased with AccuTrans not only for its accurate impressions, but also for its user friendly qualities. We find it extremely valuable in lifting tool markings at a scene along with lifting bite mark evidence necessary for court presentations.” – Dr. Nicholas Cardella

In the picture from left to right: Crime Scene Specialist Ms. Aletha Ellis, Dr. Nicholas Cardella, Crime Scene Supervisor Ms. Katrina Murdock

Davenport, IA

“AccuTrans is outstanding.  We have had several successes with it.  I used Brown to identify a body that was outside for 6 months. Use White for feet and for knowns on dead bodies.  Use Transparent for latent prints.” Matt Schwarz

SIRCHIE Fingerprint Laboratories. Inc.

“I’ve been teaching evidence collection for the past 30 years.  We’ve been involved in many other lifting methods to gather evidence and to lift fingerprints. I haven’t found anything that works better than AccuTrans.” Tom Curtis, Vice President

Palm Beach County M.E. Office, West Palm Beach, FL

“The only casting material I would ever use.  Gives fantastic results and totally accurate impressions.” Rus Ruslander

CSI Jupiter Police Dept., Jupiter, FL

“AccuTrans is the most user friendly product for taking impressions.  It is the best!  Mixing tips are awesome and I love the clear material.” Teresa Bryant

Wellesley Police Dept., Wellesley, MA

“I was given the opportunity to use your product at NFSTC Training and was blown away by how easy it was to use.” Det. Steve Atwood