Frequently Asked Questions

How many prints can I get from a 75 ml cartridge?

depends on print size 


What is the setting time?

  • min. 4 minutes @ 20°C
  • min. 8 minutes @ 10°C

    The working time depends on the ambient temperature.  The lower the temperature, the slower the material sets, and the higher the temperature, the faster the setting time.  The following general rule applies:
  • A temperature increase of 10°C halves the working and setting time
  • A temperature decrease of 10°C doubles the working and setting time

How is the timing of AccuTrans?

How should I store my product?

Store at 15-23°C away from heat and sunlight.
Impressions should be stored at room temperature.

Will my prints smudge?

Prints are permanent on the lift. They cannot be smeared or smudged.

Will the dimensions of my castings change?

The dimensions will not change. Castings will not shrink.

Is the material flexible?

Flexible and accurate

Can I use AccuTrans on rough surfaces?

Yes, AccuTrans is ideal for rough surfaces:
Styrofoam, Bricks, Leather, textured Computer Housings, Human Skin, etc.

What are the different colors used for?

White – Reverse prints

Brown – Toolmarks and Casings

Transparent – Direct fingerprint lifts

Black –  firearms, tool marks and also gun barrels